Stabilising internal, non-load bearing walls


Bracket which stabilises internal, non-load bearing walls from bottom chords of trusses


Pryda Hitch stabilises the tops of internal walls by fixing them laterally to the bottom chord of roof trusses.

Pryda Hitch has built in slots which allow for vertical movement in the truss over time without transferring load to the wall.

The slots also cater for any vertical movement of the wall due to foundation settlements, without inducing forces on the truss.


For application and design capacity information, refer to the Pryda Connectors & Tie Down Connectors Guide.

Pryda Hitch – Internal Wall Hitch

Product CodeSize
PHHCoined 114 x 46 x 38 x 0.8mm
PHLPlain 100 x 44 x 36 x 1.2m
PHSSuper Heavy Duty Plain 130 x 50 x 47 x 2.0mm

Merchant Packs – individually bar-coded

Product CodeSize
MPPHHCoined 114 x 46 x 38 x 0.8mm