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Framing Screw Hero Shot Both Products

Introducing Pryda’s new Stick Build Framing Screws

The faster, easier engineered solution for securing wall plates in stick-built frames Committed to making life faster and easier on the build site, Pryda has introduced new Stick Build Framing Screws to the Pryda FastFix™ family.These new framing screws are a safer, stronger, and faster engineered solution for securing wall plates in stick-built frames. The… Continue Reading»


TECH TALK – Putting Timber Connections to the Test

Testing is one of several tools for verifying compliance with the NCC, and it’s certainly the most hands-on (and the most fun). What follows is a peek behind the curtain at the process and how it produces results that can be relied on for the design life of the structures our connectors are used in.… Continue Reading»


Robyn Perkin – Sales Manager, Australia

Don’t be surprised to hear the playful growl of a dog the next time you’re on the phone to Robyn, as this correspondent encountered during a recent phone interview. Robyn, Pryda’s recently appointed Sales Manager – Australia, shoulders twin responsibilities, ensuring a strong strategic alignment between Pryda and our customers, and ensuring the Pryda Sales… Continue Reading»


Anita Weller – Instructional Designer

In the rare moments fabricators scratch their heads and click the help button in Pryda Build software, Anita’s knack for explaining things puts software users in the picture and back on track.  Ten years with Pryda, Anita works in a team of technical writers and trainers, producing documentation, training materials, and help resources to ensure fabricators get the most out… Continue Reading»

Jay Griggs

Jay Griggs – Detailing Manager

Jay is spearheading Pryda’s new detailing service for fabricators who require extra horsepower to cope with growing orders and skills shortages. Based in Pryda’s Adelaide office, Jay coordinates a network of Pryda certified detailers dotted around the Philippines. Pryda’s newly launched service is designed to mesh with fabricators’ existing operations, serving as a blended model availing… Continue Reading»

Steve White

Steve White – NZ Sales Manager

Born and bred in Newcastle, New South Wales, Steve is one Australian who calls New Zealand home – well, almost. Having moved to New Zealand with his Kiwi wife and their two children in 2011, Steve’s home base on Auckland’s North Shore, handily located to Pryda’s Albany office. Degree qualified in construction management, Steve joined Pryda… Continue Reading»

02 Ftma Tech Talk Ed

Tech Talk – Offsite opportunities in new engineering legislation

Once a quarter we are invited to contribute the Tech Talk column in the FTMA newsletter. For this month’s Tech Talk I’m zooming out from the details and looking at changes in the laws that govern who can provide technical advice and how it is communicated. Fundamentally this is great news for fabricators and will further highlight the value… Continue Reading»

2019 08 05 Wohearn Complex Roof

Giving your best detailers extra tools

Our Advanced Roof Course is one of our most popular training courses for design staff. David Proudford, Plant Manager at Midcoast Timber Truss and Frame in Ulladulla, sent not one, but two staff members to our Advanced Roof training in June. “They’re both taking on the more difficult jobs and have been more confident in their… Continue Reading»

Wendy Ohearn

Wendy O’Hearn – Segment Market Manager, ANZ

With a career built in the manufacturing sector, this Kiwi is as passionate about the construction industry as she is about her home country. Having worked in Industrial Gas (BOC), Glass (O-I, now Visy), and Concrete (RamsetReid), Timber was a natural next step for Wendy.  With a CV that zigzags between marketing, sales, productivity (Lean… Continue Reading»

Laurie Ellul

Laurie Ellul – Software Development Manager

When Laurie walked through the doors of Pryda’s head-office in Dandenong for the first time early this year, he was struck by the familiarity of the tools displayed in a storefront demo showcasing Pryda parent ITW’s product range. “It dawned on me that my home workshop is full of ITW tools,” the avid woodworker said.… Continue Reading»

Greg Hay

Greg Hay – Software Portfolio Manager

Greg Hay concedes that he’s been around a few years – the last 24 with Pryda. But such longevity qualifies him to make observations about the industry in which he’s spent the lion’s share of his working life. From his early years working in Pryda’s engineering support office, where he produced complex designs for fabricators… Continue Reading»

Pryda Build Automation

Helping your Equipment Live On

Truss and Frame equipment is built to last.  Sometimes the right choice is to put a new lease of life into a proven equipment choice, and Pryda has a software solution to ensure you can continue to drive productivity. Pryda Build Automation (PBA) was developed in conjunction with fabricators to remove aging automation throughout their manufacturing… Continue Reading»

Tristan Pinder

Tristan Pinder – Service Manager, ANZ

2019 saw Tristan Pinder promoted into the Service Manager role for Pryda, looking after the equipment team across Australia and New Zealand. With a long history with Pryda, Tristan’s focus is to deliver the right support and service to drive productivity for fabricators. A maintenance fitter by trade, Tristan served his apprenticeship with Pryda, at… Continue Reading»

Tech Talk

Tech Talk – Ribbon Plates

Once a quarter we are invited to contribute the Tech Talk column in the FTMA newsletter. This month’s topic is all about the benefits of screw tie-down connections, especially when they’re factory-installed. It’s a continuation of my last feature on machine-driven versus hand-hammered nails. Bit by bit, we are building on a message to the industry about the advantages of offsite manufacturing and how innovations like SpeedTruss set Pryda fabricators apart, to the benefit of your customers.   If you’re not… Continue Reading»

Nicky Woodward 1

Nicky Woodward, Business Development Manager – F&T

Nicky says she stumbled into the building and construction industry. But maybe it was destiny – both her father and grandparents were builders. Part way through a mechanical engineering degree she responded to a job advertisement and was accepted for a traineeship at Pryda. Other than a two-year stint running her own truss plant, and… Continue Reading»

Pryda Screw

Putting the screws on compliance

Factory-fixed screws shift responsibility from builders’ shoulders. Pryda engineer Bernard Kennelly examines the tricky business of screws and, in the age of panelisation and modularisation, the advantages of factory-fixed screws over site-fixed screws.  Industry has cottoned on to the advantages of using screws over traditional stud ties to secure frames. Screws make stronger connections and… Continue Reading»

Ian Hayward

Ian Hayward, Engineering Manager ANZ

Eighteen years with Pryda, structural engineer Ian Hayward has witnessed the progressive digitisation of frame and truss design. The newly appointed engineering manager for Australia and New Zealand now spends more time with his head in Pryda Build software, developing briefs and tweaking software functions to help designers do their jobs more efficiently. Nevertheless, his… Continue Reading»

Speedtruss Hinge


SpeedTrussTM is the latest innovation from Pryda. Focused on creating a safer and faster way to install a roof truss that is compliant, SpeedTruss ticks a lot of boxes that builders want. Initial feedback from builders and trades using SpeedTruss is phenomenal. With a one-step tie-down process, the system significantly reduces the time to get the trusses… Continue Reading»

Fa 1348n Hip End Roller Flyer A4 4

Meet the New Edition – Pryda’s HIP END ROLLER

The safest way to quickly produce smaller roof trusses. It’s a big statement and we are proud to make it. Designed and built in Australia, this high-quality unit is loaded with practical safety measures to keep your team safe while manufacturing hip ends and other small size trusses. Just a few of the safety focused design… Continue Reading»

Adam Dawson

Adam Dawson, ANZ Technical Manager

The fresh face in Pryda’s residential timber team, Adam recently switched camps from ITW’s Commercial division, Ramsetreid. With hundreds of products now under his technical gaze, it’s just as well chartered engineer Adam has so many letters after his name.  Ultimately responsible for ensuring every Pryda product and service is compliant, Adam is currently focused… Continue Reading»

Ftma Logos

Support for FTMA Australia and New Zealand

Pryda is proud to support the respective FTMA industry bodies in both Australia and New Zealand. In a competitive market against other build materials, being able to have a common voice is a core strength for the industry. As part of our Gold Sponsorship with FTMA Australia, we regularly contribute to the Tech Talk series. … Continue Reading»


Machine Driven vs. Hand-Hammered Nail

Written by Adam Dawson, Pryda’s ANZ Technical Manager, this article was published as an FTMA Tech Talk in May 2020. Timber connection systems rely on a combination of the correct product, fasteners and installation practices to achieve their required capacity. They are typically designed and tested by the manufacturer using their proprietary nails or screws… Continue Reading»

Timber Framing Ultimate Renewable Logo

Carbon Calculator now available in Pryda Build

Timber’s reputation as the material of choice for sustainable construction is crucial to the future of our industry. The timber framing community are in a unique position to continuously reinforce this message to architects, builders and homeowners through our software and documentation. The latest version of Pryda Build now includes a Carbon Calculator to quantify… Continue Reading»

Ian Currie Cropped

Ian Currie, Business Development Manager – F&T

There’s a special kind of glint that flashes in Ian’s eyes when he wanders the factory floor of frame and truss manufacturing facilities. He’s at home among sawdust and machines. But mostly, he enjoys understanding how factory processes can be improved – a skill he’s honed over 24 years with Pryda, in manufacturing plants across… Continue Reading»

Itw Logo Red

Supporting the fire relief efforts

In our December edition of Better by Design, we shared that Pryda was donating to the Bushfire relief efforts. When making the donation, the devastation that was to come across the Christmas/New Year period was beyond imagination. As our teams across ITW came back to work in January, there was unanimous feedback that more needed… Continue Reading»