Banjo Vincent, the Builder Solutions team

You may already recognise Banjo if you follow Pryda on Instagram. Banjo is our Business Development Manager from the Builder Solutions Team and works closely with builders to help them overcome pain points. As a carpenter by trade and with some experience in commercial plumbing, he has a deep understanding in increasing productivity and problem-solving on site.  


What do you enjoy most about this role? 
In a way, I am actually helping people do their job better. Back when I was the one building houses, some of the issues and pain points were there and that’s what we’re solving now. It makes me feel like I wish I was still building houses because the advancement in innovation has made jobs easier these days. 

It’s always exciting to meet and have conversations with new builders and hearing what they have to say about our brand. I remember someone who has been in the industry for over 30 years told me he always preferred Pryda products because they are of higher quality.  Plus we have all the supporting documentation including the certifications and the datasheets available, making it a standout in the industry. 
What are you looking forward to this year? 
I have some trips booked this year to spend some time in different parts of the country. As I’ve always worked in the Victorian market, it’s great to be exposed to building practices in other states where people conduct different processes on site.  

Can you share a message with our readers? 
Please get in touch with us and leave comments on our social media channels if you’re faced with issues on site. This is the best way for us to understand what’s happening and then we can work on creating solutions together. The more feedback from end users, the better for our business and this is also what my role is about. 
As a business, Pryda is always looking forward, understanding challenges from a manufacturing level and trying new ways to solve problems. Next time when an issue arises at your site, don’t forget to reach out because we may already be working on a solution for you, or, it might spark a conversation that creates a great invention! 

Banjo Vincent
Business Development Manager
M: +61 447 026 656