Introduction to Detailing Service

Frame and truss fabricators face the constant challenge of balancing demand, detailing resources and production capability to maximise profits for their plant.

Outsource to grow your business

Of these, detailing capacity is one of the most common bottlenecks and most difficult to solve, with long lead times on finding new staff, lag time and lost productivity during training, and no assurance of results. Our competent and affordable detailing service specifically addresses these challenges and greatly reduces the time, cost and risk of recruiting.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create long-lasting partnerships built on shared investment. A blended model of local and offshore resources working together allows your team to work faster and smarter, creating better outcomes for your customers while ensuring you retain critical capabilities and experience. The combination of our detailers’ personal commitment to the success of your business, and your business’ commitment to their ongoing development and integration into your team, is what makes these partnerships so effective and unique.

Skills and Experience

Our team possesses all the skills and Pryda-specific experience you would expect from a local hire, delivered and verified through the completion of Pryda’s Training Academy Program. This unique 20-week intensive learning program equips our team members with a combination of Pryda software and practical training to ensure they are ready for the real world of detailing.

How we work

Our program simulates the experience of working with a fabricator. Trainees are issued “real world” roof and wall frame jobs with set timeframes and accuracy expectations. As our trainees build their skills and competency, they move through our beginner, intermediate and advanced levels where the complexity of the projects increases, as does the requirement for quality and time effectiveness.

We are proud of our team and confident that they will quickly become a valued part of your operation. To accelerate this, our offer includes an initial two weeks of on-site training for them to start building unique skills and relationships that will make them an asset to your business. This is followed by annual one-week trips for your team member(s) to your ANZ operation.

Find out more

We encourage you to explore this offer in more detail on the following pages and contact our Detailing Manager, Steven White, to discuss this exciting opportunity to help your business achieve its full potential.

Steven White
Detailing Manager
+64 21 790 951

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