Introducing Pryda’s new Stick Build Framing Screws

The faster, easier engineered solution for securing wall plates in stick-built frames

Committed to making life faster and easier on the build site, Pryda has introduced new Stick Build Framing Screws to the Pryda FastFix family.
These new framing screws are a safer, stronger, and faster engineered solution for securing wall plates in stick-built frames. The new range is suited for on-site stick build construction to provide a secure Stud to Wall Plate connection.
It attaches the top plate and the bottom plate to your studs faster and more efficiently than the traditional method of using a stud tie or strap. It helps to speed up the work on site and provides a clean finish for follow on trades.


The market has seen an increased demand in trade for framing screws versus traditional stud ties. The new Stick Building Framing Screw has been introduced specifically to support the trade/retail channel supporting this demand from builders.
Builders are seeking this solution as it provides a flush finish delivering better quality outcomes during building, especially for follow on applications and trades such as plasterboard, painting, or cladding.

Framing Screw Hero Shot Both Products


  • All screws are head stamped to ensure quality and instant identification of the screw size and length.
  • Identification tags are available for quick and easy identification in locations where the screw isn’t easily visible, supporting a seamless certification purpose (easy to validate below the top plate).
  • The screws have been laboratory tested and verified in accordance with the relevant Australian Standards.
  • Designed with the DNA of the rest of the Pryda FastFix™ family, the screw design is faster to install than other similar offers in the market.
  • The range will be available in two sizes: 135mm and 175mm.


Using their years of industry experience, Pryda’s engineering team has thought about every detail in the design of the new screws, making sure they have the same quality that customers expect from Pryda products.
The specially designed screw tip provides a rapid start, and the coarse thread significantly reduces driving time. Because the design includes a standard 5mm hex drive, no special tools are required – an impact driver is all that is needed.
An increased thread length offers greater capacity than most flat metal stud ties, while a pronounced knurl reduces the chance of splitting by enlarging the hole slightly and allowing the unthreaded section of the shank to not bind.


  1. Large diameter head
    • Superior hold-down strength
  2. Wider thread
    • High resistance to withdrawal
  3. Long hi-pitch threaded length
    • Greater capacity and faster install
  4. Slotted tip
    • For quicker start, reduced splitting and reduced driving force
Stick Build Framing Screw Design

The FastFix™ Stick Build Framing Screw range is available to purchase from your local hardware store.