Multi-purpose metal connectors for timber construction


Pryda Multigrips are ideal connectors for many uses in timber framing. They are suitable for high load applications such as a tie down connector for trusses or rafters to top plates and for fixing joists to the face of bearers.

Pryda Minigrips provide a more economical connector for the numerous, more lightly loaded joints in houses and other buildings. Typical applications include Face Fixing Beams, and Stud/Column fixing.


Versatile solution to connect timber for projects such as Carports, Pergolas, Decks, and right angle joints.

Stainless steel nails must be used with stainless steel Multigrips.


 For application and design capacity information, refer to the Pryda Connectors & Tie Down Connectors Guide.

Pryda Multigrips 1.0mm

Product Code Size
MG 100 x 36mm
MGL132 x 36mm Long Grip Profile
MG/SStainless Steel (445 M2 Grade) 100 x 35mm

Merchant Packs – individually bar-coded

Product Code Size
MPMGMultigrip 100 x 36mm
MPMGSMinigrip 56 x 36mm

Stainless Steel

Product Code Size
MPMG/SSMinigrip 57 x 35mm
MG/SMultigrip 100 x 35mm