A versatile preformed framing anchor


Pryda Triple Grips are used for many nail fixed timber joints.


Applications include:

  • Roof Truss to Wall Plate
  • Rafter or Ceiling Joist to Wall Plate
  • Joist to Supporting Beam
  • Purlin to Truss
  • Hanger to Ceiling Joist
  • Stud to Wall Plate
  • Corner Studs to Wall Plate.


For application and design capacity information, refer to the Pryda Connectors & Tie Down Connectors Guide.

Pryda Triple Grips 1.0mm

Product Code Size 
TGAR  115 x 60mm prebent right (no nails)  
TGAL  115 x 60mm prebent left  

Merchant Packs – individually bar-coded

Product Code Size 
MPTGAR  115 x 60mm prebent right (no nails)  
MPTGAL  115 x 60mm prebent left (no nails)