Universal ties for joining timber at right angles


Pryda’s Unitie is a simple metal tie for joining timbers crossing at right angles.


SIMPLE: Easy to use for numerous right-angle connections.
VERSATILE: Available in standard 170mm or extended 400mm lengths.
DURABLE: Made from G300 Z275 steel.


For application and design capacity information, refer to the Pryda Connectors & Tie Down Connectors Guide.

Pryda Long Leg Unitie 1.0mm

Product CodeSize
UT/400L400 x 32mm left hand
UT/400R400 x 32mm right hand

Pryda Unpunched Unitie

Product CodeSize
UT90U/L170 x 32mm left hand
UT90U/R170 x 32mm right hand

Merchant Packs – individually bar-coded

Product CodeSize
MPUT/90L170 x 32mm left hand
MPUT/90R170 x 32mm right hand