For bolting to existing concrete or setting into concrete


These anchors are available in a wide range of types and leg lengths to suit many timber post sizes and applications. 


EASY: Can be either fixed to existing concrete or set into wet concrete
VERSATILE: A large range of sizes to suit both post widths and stem lengths
STRONG: Hot dip galvanised coating after manufacture and made from 4mm steel


For application and design capacity information, refer to the Pryda Post Anchors Guide. 

Pryda Full Stirrup Post Anchors Hot Dip Gal – 4mm Steel, 25mm dia stem 

Product CodeSize
PSFS6590 65mm leg for 90mm post
PSFS65100 65mm leg for 100mm post
PSFS13090 130mm leg for 90mm post
PSFS130100 130mm leg for 100mm post
PSFS130115 130mm leg for 115mm post
PSFS20090 200mm leg for 90mm post
PSFS200100 200mm leg for 100mm post
PSFS30090 300mm leg for 90mm post
PSFS30090 300mm leg for 90mm post
PSFS300100 300mm leg for 100mm post
PSFS300115 300mm leg for 115mm post
PSFS45090 450mm leg for 90mm post
PSFS450100 450mm leg for 100mm post
PSFS450100 450mm leg for 100mm post
PSFS450115 450mm leg for 115mm post
PSFS60090 600mm leg for 90mm post
PSFS600100 600mm leg for 100mm post