Engineered for high wind areas, including tropical regions


The U-shape base of the Pryda High Wind Post Anchor is engineered for maximum hold-down in wet concrete.


STRONG: The U shape base is designed for maximum hold-down in concrete.
VERSATILE: A large range of sizes to suit both post widths and base lengths.
STRONG: Hot dip galvanised coating after manufacture and made from 5mm steel.


For application and design capacity information, refer to the Pryda Post Anchors Guide. 

Pryda High Wind Post Anchors Hot Dip Gal – 5 mm Steel 

Product CodeSize
PSQ45090/12450 x 50mm for 90mm post
PSQ450100/12 450 x 50mm for 100mm post
PSQ60090/12 600 x 50mm for 90mm post
PSQ600100/12 600 x 50mm for 100mm post
PSQ600125/12 600 x 50mm for 125mm post
PSQ600150/12 600 x 50mm for 150mm post