Ideally suited to applications when the post can only be bolted from one side


Ideally suited to uses where the post is located against a wall or step and can only be bolted from one side. 


EASY: Simplifies installing posts that are located against walls with minimal access to one side
VERSATILE: Can be either fixed to existing concrete or set into wet concrete
STRONG: Hot dip galvanised coating after manufacture and made from 4mm steel


For application and design capacity information, refer to the Pryda Post Anchors Guide. 

Pryda Half Stirrup Post Anchor Hot Dip Gal – 4mm Steel, 25mm dia stem 

Product CodeSize
PSHS65 65mm leg Half Stirrup
PSHS130 130mm leg Half Stirrup
PSHS200200mm leg Half Stirrup 
PSHS300300mm leg Half Stirrup