Hammer fixed and easy to use connector for multiple applications


These connectors are designed for fast construction jointing of timber frames using a hammer.  


EASY: Can be installed without any special gear or nails, only a hammer is required for install
FAST: Hammer the pre-punched Claw nails and you are done. Time-saving and therefore, cost-saving
VERSATILE: Twisted form of the Claw nails are suitable for all types of un-treated timber ranging from the lightest softwoods to the densest hardwoods.


For application and design capacity information, refer to the Pryda Timber Connectors Nailplates Guide.

Pryda Strap Nails 1.0mm 

Product CodeSize
MPSN225 x 100mm 
MPSN4C38 x 90mm 
MPSN550 x 100mm
MPSN775 x 100mm
SN5 50 x 100mm 
SN5B50 x 100mm