Strong means of forming a truss to truss connection


Pryda Multi-Fix Truss Boots are used to connect roof trusses or other roof members to supporting “girder” trusses. “Multi-fix” means that these connectors can be fixed with bolts or screws, or bolts and screws together.


Pryda Multi-Fix Truss Boots comprise of:

  • Joist Boots are used for End support of joists and beams, support of lightly loaded trusses from girder trusses.
  • Truss Boots are used for support of standard trusses.
  • See also Pryda Heavy Duty Truss Boots for alternate applications.


For application and design capacity information, refer to the Pryda Hangers & Truss Boot Guide.

Pryda Truss Boots 1.6mm

Product CodeSize
TB35/12190 Flange x 38mm – suit M12 bolts/No.12 screws
TB35/16190 Flange x 38mm – suit M16 bolts/No.12 screws
TB45/16190 Flange x 50mm – suit M16 bolts/No.12 screws

Pryda Joist Boots 1.6mm

Product CodeSize
TBJ35125 Flange x 38mm
TBJ35/T125 Flange x 38mm – with tongue
TBJ45125 Flange x 50mm
TBJ70100 Flange x 70mm