Simple means of connecting two members at 90° that provides resistance to gravity and uplift loads


Pryda Joist Hanger range is suitable for beam-to-beam connections, floor or roof trusses to support connection, right angle joints, carport, deck, gazebo, or pergola construction.


EASY: Can be installed without needing to create special housings or high skill timber joints.
FAST: Can be fastened with Pryda WTF12-35mm screws.
STRONG: 1.0mm thick galvanised steel engineered to resist gravity loads and wind uplift loads as well as lateral rotation.


For application and design capacity information, refer to the Pryda Hangers & Truss Boot Guide.

Product Sizes

**This product does not have the knuckle nail feature.

Size – 60mm depth

Product CodeSize
MPFBK386038 x 60mm
MPFBK506050 x 60mm

Size – 90mm depth

Product CodeSize
MPFBK359035 x 90mm
MPFBK389038 x 90mm
MPFBK459045 x 90mm
MPFBK509050 x 90mm

Size – 120mm depth

Product CodeSize
MPFBK3512035 x120mm
MPFBK3812038 x 120mm
MPFBK4512045 x 120mm
MPFBK5012050 x 120mm
FB62120**62 x 120mm

Size – 140mm depth

Product CodeSize
MPFBK3514035 x 140mm
MPFBK3814038 x 140mm
MPFBK4514045 x 140mm
MPFBK5014050 x 140mm

Size – 180mm depth

Product CodeSize
FB62170**62 x 170mm
FB65170**65 x 170mm
FBK3518035 x 180mm
MPFBK3818038 x 180mm
MPFBK4518045 x 180mm
MPFBK5018050 x 180mm

Size – 220mm depth

Product CodeSize
FB70200**70 x 200mm
FB84200**84 x 200mm
FB90200**90 x 200mm
MPFBK4522045 x 220mm
MPFBK5022050 x 220mm
FB62220**62 x 220mm

Pryda Longreach Floor Truss Hangers

Product CodeSize
FB72163**70 x 160mm
FB94152**90 x 150mm