Strong and easy to install Brackets for beam to beam connections


Pryda Framing Brackets are suitable for fixing joist to joist, joist to beam, truss to truss, rafter to purlin, and hangers to joists.


These brackets have been designed to achieve high design loads at low cost through incorporating Pryda’s extensive design expertise and taking account of the results of laboratory testing at Monash University in Melbourne.

Cost effective, eliminating the need for costly on-site skilled labour to make special housing for joints etc.

Easily fixed into position with Pryda Timber Connector Nails, or self-drilling screws.

These hangers have wide flanges for ease of nailing and screwing.

The Pryda range of brackets provides for most common timber: sizes, glued laminated beams, I-joists and trusses.


For application and design capacity information, refer to the Pryda Hangers & Truss Boot Guide.

Size – 60mm depth (FB60)

Product CodeSize
MPFB386039 x 60mm
MPFB506050 x 54mm

Size – 90mm depth (FB90)

Product CodeSize
FB359036 x 82mm
MPFB359036 x 82mm
FB389039 x 81mm
MPFB389039 x 81mm
FB459046 x 77mm
MPFB459046 x 77mm
MPFB509050 x 75mm

Size – 120mm depth (FB12)

Product CodeSize
FB3512036 x 116mm
MPFB3512036 x116mm
MPFB3812039 x 115mm
FB4512046 x 111mm
MPFB4512046 x 111mm
MPFB5012050 x 109mm
FB6212062 x 120mm

Size – 140mm depth (FB14)

Product CodeSize
MPFB3514036 x 140mm
MPFB3814039 x 138mm
FB4514046 x 135mm
MPFB4514046 x 135mm
MPFB5014050 x 133mm

Size – 180mm depth (FB18)

Product CodeSize
FB6217062 x 170mm
FB3518036 x 182mm
MPFB3818039 x 181mm
FB4518046 x 177mm
MPFB4518046 x 177mm
MPFB5018050 x 175mm

Size – 220mm depth (FB22)

Product CodeSize
FB4522046 x 218mm
MPFB5022050 x 210mm

Other sizes

Product CodeSize
FB6517065 x 168mm
FB7020070 x 195mm
FB8420085 x 197mm
FB9020090 x 195mm

Pryda Longreach Floor Truss Hangers

Product CodeSize
FB7216372 x 164mm
FB9415294 x 153mm

Stainless Steel

Product CodeSize
MPFB3590/SS36 x 82mm
MPFB4590/SS46 x 77mm
MPFB45120/SS46 x 110mm