Brackets for heavy beam to beam or beam connections


High capacity Joist Hangers suitable for timber various height and widths.


Pryda Heavy Duty Joist Hangers are designed to support heavily loaded timber beams or two ply trusses on supporting timber beams or girder trusses. All have tongues for fixing to supports to resist twisting and rotation.

Pryda Split Joist Hangers are manufactured from heavy duty (1.6mm) steel, and are suitable for any practical thickness of timber beam (adjusts to fit any size beam).


For application and design capacity information, refer to the Pryda Hangers & Truss Boot Guide.

Pryda Heavy Duty Joist Hangers 1.2mm

Product CodeSize
JHH65126mm – for 65mm timber
JHH100140mm – for 95mm timber

Pryda Split Joist Hangers 1.6mm

Product CodeSize
JHHS5 Right Hand & 5 left hand per carton

Variable Skew Angle

Product CodeSize
LVSIA150 x 50 x 75mm