Reinforces a top plate containing penetrations for services or ventilation pipes.


Pryda Frame Fix is suitable for Residential light timber frame dwellings designed in accordance with AS1684. 

Pryda Frame Fix must be used in accordance with the installation procedures outlined in the product datasheet to provide structural support to 90×35 and 90×45 MGP10 single or double top plates for a centrally located hole of max 60mm diameter. 

If Frame Fix is installed in accordance with the conditions outlined in datasheet, then the top plates in the section that the Frame Fix is installed, can be considered structurally adequate if the top plates were originally designed in accordance with AS1720.3 or AS1684 span tables. 

Frame fix is suitable for use on 90mm wide frames ONLY. 

The Frame Fix is to be installed internally in areas within the building envelope that are kept permanently dry. 


STRONG: Stiffens the top plate for areas in the region of the penetrations 
EASY: Quick installation to top plate by using Pryda self-drilling screws 
VERSATILE: Suitable for both single & double top plates (35mm or 45mm). Can be installed before or after service pipe penetration 


For application and design information, refer to the product data sheet. 

Pryda Frame Fix

Product CodeSize
PFF2240mm x 34mm x 31mm