Wall bracing and nogging solution that is strong in compression and tension


Pryda Mini Brace and Maxi Brace can be used as bracing or nogging of Type A Bracing Units in wall frames in accordance with AS1684-2010 Residential Timber-Framed Construction and the Wall Bracing Units Construction Guide.


EASY: No tensioning required and sits flat against the stud.
VERSATILE: Available in two specifications, the stronger Maxi Brace requires one diagonal length to achieve an AS1684 Type A bracing unit. The smaller Mini Brace requires two lengths in two sections of wall but can be rebated into the stud for a completely flush finish ahead of plastering.
STRONG: Angled form makes Angle Brace the strongest Bracing option in compression.


For installation instructions, please refer to the Pryda Bracing Design Guide.

Pryda Maxi Brace – 20 x 18 x 1.2mm

Product Code Size 
AB36  3.6m lengths  
AB42  4.2m lengths  
AB48  4.8m lengths  

Pryda Mini Brace – 18 x 16 x 1.2mm

Product Code Size 
MB36  3.6m lengths  
MB42  4.2m lengths  
MB48  4.8m lengths