Grade 316 Stainless connectors for superior coastal corrosion resistance 


The Pryda stainless range is made of superior Grade 316 which gives the strongest performance even in coastal areas. We have selected the most common connection types to allow the construction of an assortment of joints and frames 


  • Grade 316 instead of S304, S316 includes an additional element that allows it to deal with marine conditions better 
  • Stainless Nails of the same grade to ensure a complete system of corrosion protection 
  • Common timber joint connections covered as well and Bracing for any exposed structure 


For application and design capacity information, refer to the relevant Pryda Design Guide. 

Stainless ProductsProduct CodeSize
Framing BracketsMPFB3590/SS36 x 82mm
MPFB4590/SS46 x 77mm
MPFB45120/SS46 x 110mm
MinigripsMPMG/SS57 x 35mm
MultigripsMG/S100 x 35mm
Pergola AngleMPCPA/SS88 x 63 x 36 x 1.6mm
Strap BraceSB102/SS25 x 1.00mm x 15m
Strap Brace TensionerSBT/SS25 x 50mm
Timber Connector NailsOSNBCI/SS35 x 3.15mm