For fixing I-Joists to the top of timber beams or to timber ledges on top of steel beams.


A broad range of sizes for use with face mounted connections to support timber I-Joists on timber or steel beams.


The use of Pryda’s Top Mounted I-Joist full depth hangers provides torsional (aka rotational) restraint to the I-Joist to ensure the correct structural performance.

Ideally suited to support modern timber I-Joists. LT type hangers are specifically designed for use with proprietary I-Joists such as hyJOIST, Tillings SmartFrame I-joist, Wesbeam e-joist and LP I joist.

There is provision for a screw through the hanger into the bottom of the bottom flange to minimize squeaking. A hole towards the bottom of each side flange is also available for fixing into bottom flange to further reduce the effect of squeaking.


For application and design capacity information, refer to the Pryda Hangers & Truss Boot Guide.

Top Mounted

Product CodeSize
LT240/4041 x 240mm
LT300/4041 x 300mm
LT300/4746 x 300mm
LT200/5050 x 200mm
LT240/5050 x 240mm
LT240/5252 x 240mm
LT300/5252 x 300mm
LT240/5353 x 240mm
LT300/5353 x 300mm
LT240/6060 x 240mm
LT300/6060 x 300mm
LT360/6060 x 360mm
LT240/6565 x 240mm
LT245/6565 x 245mm
LT302/6565 x 302mm
LT360/6565 x 360mm
LT240/7070 x 240mm
LT300/7070 x 300mm
LT240/9090 x 240mm
LT300/9090 x 300mm
LT360/9090 x 360mm
LT400/9090 x 400mm
LT240/105105 x 240mm
LT300/105105 x 302mm
LT240/140140 x 240mm
LT300/140140 x 300mm