Simple means of connecting an I-Joist member at 90° to either a timber or metal beam


A broad range of sizes for use with face mounted connections to support timber I-Joists on timber or steel beams.


VERSATILE: Multiple sizes available to cover all common I-Joist sizes.
EASY: Comes with the fasteners required, including screws to prevent squeaking.
STRONG: 1.2mm thick galvanised steel for the full depth of the I-Joist. Engineered to resist gravity loads and lateral movement of the I-Joist flanges.


For application and design capacity information, refer to the Pryda Hangers & Truss Boot Guide.

Top Mounted

Product CodeSize
LT240/4041 x 240mm
LT300/4041 x 300mm
LT300/4746 x 300mm
LT200/5050 x 200mm
LT240/5050 x 240mm
LT240/5252 x 240mm
LT300/5252 x 300mm
LT240/5353 x 240mm
LT300/5353 x 300mm
LT240/6060 x 240mm
LT300/6060 x 300mm
LT360/6060 x 360mm
LT240/6565 x 240mm
LT245/6565 x 245mm
LT302/6565 x 302mm
LT360/6565 x 360mm
LT240/7070 x 240mm
LT300/7070 x 300mm
LT240/9090 x 240mm
LT300/9090 x 300mm
LT360/9090 x 360mm
LT400/9090 x 400mm
LT240/105105 x 240mm
LT300/105105 x 302mm
LT240/140140 x 240mm
LT300/140140 x 300mm