Did you know that over 80% of house frames are built from timber – The Ultimate Renewable™.

Timber is a proven and popular framing material that provides comfort and security for hundreds of thousands of Australian homes.

It is a sustainable, renewable product that we are proud to promote and we support our extensive professional national network of timber fabricators.

Timber house frames are responsibly sourced and store carbon for life, absorbed from the atmosphere by a growing tree. When timber for framing is harvested today it’s replanted for tomorrow.

That’s why it’s the ultimate framing material.

Pryda is proud to be associated with Forest and Wood Products Australia (FWPA) and its brand WoodSolutions and The Ultimate Renewable™.  The information on this page has been kindly shared by FWPA.

Why Timber - Wood Solutions
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FWPA is a not-for-profit industry services company – sometimes referred to as a rural development company – funded by the Federal Government, member levies and research grants.  

They collaborate with government and industry stakeholders to determine strategy, invest in effective and relevant R&D and deliver programs designed to grow the market for forest and wood products, increase productivity and profitability across the value chain and ensure positive environmental and social outcomes. For more information, visit www.fwpa.com.au/